.::the cast/crew::.
Greta Garbo &nsbp; Marguerite      Director: George Cukor
Robert Taylor   Armand                  Written by: Zoê Akins,
Laura Hope Crews   Prudence        MGM 1937
Henry Daniell   Baron DeVarville
Lionel Barrymore   Mr. Duval
Elizabeth Allan   Nichette
Lenore Ulric   Olympe
It is France in the mid-Nineteenth Century. Camille, a beautiful courtesan and Armand Duval, a young man in the foreign service, are in love. Camille is forced to abandon her dreams of life with Duval by the intolerance of French society, which would doom his career and prevent the marriage of his sister into a "respectable" family, if Duval married Camille.

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"Camille" is always listed among the top- 5 Garbo reels. No wonder really, as she gives one of her finest performances. She is powerful, yet weak. She is happy, yet dying. Garbo gives a poetic performance. It's like watching a poem. She is so heavenly beautiful; is she really of this world?? Her acting is so generous, so overcome with the tenderness of true love that she sweeps you away. The deathbed scene is one of the greatest and most touching scenes I've ever seen

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* Garbo won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for best leading Lady, for her performance in Camille

*Garbo was also nominated for an Academy Award for her wonderful performance. Most people expected her to win, but faith wanted it different. Louise Rainer won her second Oscar. Garbo never won any in the Best Actress category.

*Camille is most critics' favourite Garbo movie. The praise of her performance was never- ending when the movie was released in 1937.

*Alexander Dumas based the character Camille on a real youthful courtesan named Marie Alphonsine du Plessis who died at the age of twenty-four.

*Other actresses who have played Camille (on stage): Theda Bara, Sarah Bernhart, Norma Talmadge, Alla Nazimova ( silent- movie with Valentino).

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