.::the cast/crew::.
Greta Garbo: Rita Cavallini              Director: Clarence Brown
Lewis Stone: Cornelius Van Tyul       Written by: Bess Meredyth
Gavin Gordon:   Bishop Armstrong           MGM 1930
Young Harry is in love and wants to marry an actress, much to the displeasure of his posh family. He consults Bishop Armstrong.Harry thinks that Bishop Armstrong knows nothing about love.But this turn out to be completely wrong, and the Bishop tells Harry about his one true love. Rita was an Opera Star singing in New York , and the Bishop met her at a party. Armstrong was a 28 year old rector. He fell for Rita when he saw her and after six weeks he wanted to marry her. Naive as he was, he thought that all of Rita's "relationships" were in the distant past, but Rita lived a different way than him, and he finally realised that she would never marry him.

.::whats the fuss::.
Today "Romance" is a forgotten movie. But that is really a shame, as this is Garbo at her most beautiful and glamorous. It's a classy role, and the script is intelligent and moving. Garbos acting is more secure in "Romance" than in her earlier movies. An early Camille.....

.::this &that::.
One thing that appears strange in this movie is Garbo's Swedish- English. Noone can be fooled to belive she's actually Italian.

Clarence Brown directed Garbo in seven movies. they had a good, but purely professional realtionship.

MGM was afraid Garbo would refuse to speak...To do any more talkies. That would have been her style....

The famous photographer George Hurrell took some of the publicity stills for "Romance". However, this was to be the first and only time he got to photograph Garbo, as they didn't get along very well. Hurrell was however a popular man, as both Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford counted him as their favourite photographer.

Garbo was nominated for an Oscar for "Romance". Norma Shearer walked away with it though....

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