Greta Garbo, Antonio Moreno, Roy d'Arcy, Lionel Barrymore, Virginia Brown Faire
Mauritz Stiller & Fred Niblo
Dorothy Farnum ( based on a novel by Blasco Ibanez)
No- holds- barred melodrama about an immortal woman ( Garbo), who drives men to disgrace, murder and suicide.
*Lionel Barrymore and Greta Garbo co- starred in four films together."The temptress" being the first of these.*
* Being Garbos second American film, "The temptress" fully confirmed her stardom*
*Mauritz Stiller was the original director of this project. Garbo was looking foreward to working with her mentor. But the controversial Stiller wasn't popular with the rest of the cast, and got fired after a number of rows with Antonio Moreno and other members of the cast and crew.  Garbo and Stiller would never work together again.*
*The Times liked the movie, and especially the makabre ending.*
"Greta Garbo totally overwhelmed me in "The temptress. She's the official dream- princess of the movies."                 
                     - Robert E Sherwood, "Life"-
Garbo's performance in "The tempress" is more confident than than  in "The torrent". Allthough she didn't like the vamp- roles given to her,  she was born to play them. Her mystiqe and beauty leaves men falling at her feet, and the public belives in it. No wonder MGM chose a safe race, and put Garbo in vampy roles for years. She seems to enjoy herself.....
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