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"A deer in the body of a woman, living resentfully in the Hollywood zoo"  Claire Boothe Luce

    "Garbos temperamentreflected the rain and gloom of the long dark Swedish winter" 
Lillian Gish

    Garbo was the only one we could kill off. The Shearer or Crawford pictures had to end in a church, but t  the public seemed to enjoy watching Garbo die" 
J. Robert Rubin (MGM)
"They pretended that she didn't want to talk, but the truth was she talked too much!"  Karen Morley

"Her face was as pure as Michelangelo's Mary of the Pieta, yet glowing with passion."  Barry Paris
''The most miraculous blend of personality the screen has ever seen.''   The New York Times

  She spoke the approximate truth in her interviews and panned Hollywood ? it was important to harness  j9this free spirit."    Howard Dietz

     "That fascinating, inscrutable, almost legendary personage..."  Richard Watts Jnr
"....Seeing Garbo's face from a nearby window was a moment I wish I was a lesbian...."
    Joan Crawford
"She was like a horse on the track. Nothing, and then the bells goes, and something happends"   James  Wong Howe

   " Boiled down to essentials, she is a plain girl with large feet" 
  Herbert Kretzmer

     " She's the dream princess of eternity, the knockout of all ages...."   Life magazine

  " Her alluring mouth and volcanic, slumbrous eyes stiimulates men to such passion that friendship  
New York Mirror

" A great actress? Oh, undoubtledly, one weary assent, but what dull pompous films they make for her,
hardly movies at all so retarted are they by her haggard equine renunciations, the slow consummation  of her noble           adultery" 
Graham Greene
   "Subtract Garbo from most of her films, and you areleft
with nothing" 
  Richard Whitehall
"She is a fascinating actress, but she is limited. She must never create situations. She must be thrust into them. The drama comes in how she rides them out"   George Cukor
""You get a face like that in front of a mpocamera only once in a century."     rbbbqqbttbqbbqqbtqqMauritz Stiller

     "" shy as an antelope...."   
     oooooooooooLaurence Olivier
"Every man's harmlessfantasy mistress.She gave you the impression that, if your imagination had to sin, it could at least congratulate itself on its impeccable taste"  Alistar Cooke
"What when drunk one sees in other women, one sees in Garbo sober"  Ken Tynan
"She has natural eyelashes more lovely than any artificial lashes I can supply"    Max Factor