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Garbo is said to be the most beautiful woman who ever lived. Famous photographers praise her face as the divinest of them all.  Garbo herself wasn't too conserned about her appearance. She never wore heavy make- up on private occasions. She didn't need to. Garbos most famous features are  her long eylashes, and sentimental eyes. But really, no face can add up to Garbos. The remarkable about Garbos face is how she, by using only her eyes, can change from pure melancoly to sheer happiness.

* Garbo's favourite photographer was Clarence Sinclair Bull.

* Garbo wasn't to happy about her shot with George Hurrell. He later called her " a stone statue"

* Garbo hardly ever gave interviews. Most photos of Garbo are publicity- stills (for MGM)


My photo- collection is the biggest online. I've collected about 1000 photos in my WEBSHOTS- albums. Feel free to use the photos.... I'm not a fan of the copyright- thing. The photos are placed in differet albums; there's some containing portraits, magazine- covers, and one album (or more) for each Garbo movie.


* Lately more and more Garbo photos from private collections have been seen in books and magazines. In Diana McLellands book "The girls" Garbo is seen topless on a photo taken by Mercedes DeAcosta. Don't people have any respect anymore!!!!!!
* Garbo was a popular target for the ever so rude papparazzi- press throughout her whole life.
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