want to know who I am. Great. I'm glad!! Right now I'm cold. There's a winter going on. My fingers feel like amputaded body- parts. Click- click- click on the deskboard. I breath a cloud. It looks like it belongs a thousand meters up in the air. But it's my little lung- cloud. The nights are black in the winter. Pitch black. The sun goes down when I'm still asleep. Early in the morning.
I'm a real sucker for old movies. Movies at all. They are my escape. They leave me just the way I am. They can make my feelings explode, but I never get involved in anything. Not in anything real. I like wathing lifes that are fiction. they can never come close to me.... they can't touch me. They are a product. Entertainment for the smiles and tears. The mind and the ears.
Photos taken by the very talented Vilde Salhus Røed

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Thanx to: Vilde, Ingvild, Guro, Elida, Cheryl, Gaston, Veronica, Mummy, Daddy, Malin, Audrey and everyone who thinks they deserves to be thanked.