The rumour:
According to Diane McLelland, author of "Sappho, the girls", Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich had an affair during the filming of "Streets of sorrow" (Die freudlose Gasse) in 1926.

Whats the story:
Both Dietrich and Garbo have always denied the fact that Dietrich appeared in "Streets of sorrow". They both lied. There's no doubt Dietrich's in the movie. Dietrich had, allready then, a reputation as a unstoppable seductior. McLelland means Garbo was an easy match for the German vamp. She also finds it really interesting that Garbo and Dietrich claimed they'd never met before being introduced to each other in the forties.

Why should I belive in this:
This is quite a mystery. Marlene Dietrich has said things like; " Garbo's feet weren't as big as people say they are", and have even commented on her underwear. Garbo on the other hand has asked journalists blueeyed; "Who is this Marlene Dietrich". Obviously these two women didn't wan't the world to know that they had met. Why??? People can only speculate in this.

True or false:
After rerading "The girls" my conclution was that this is quite a fairytale. This is such an  amazing story; the two "foreign queens" of Hollywood in one bed!!!! After reading McLellands book I wished it all was true. But I don't really think it is. Where's the evidence? Dietrichs comments can't count as evidence. Still this story isn't totally hopeless. Why all the silly secrets? Why didn't they tell the truth about "The streets of sorrow"? Actually Dietrich eventually did. After Garbo's death she admittet she'd had a part in the movie. She didn't say why she refused that this was the truth before. It's like Garbo and Dietrich had a pact. But if this included an affair noone knows.......

My verdict: