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One of the best sites online. It's fun and beautiful, and has alot of interesting sections.

A site by Karen Swenson, who wrote A life apart. A good site with loadsa pics.

Another favourite. 100% Garbo. Definately worth a look.

This is such a pro site. You can even see a short documentary. Superb!!!!

A good site with pics and loadsa links. Still under construction.

A good one- sheet page with photos, facts and links.

Nine pages of Garbo beauty. Swoon!!!

A good site with loadsa photos.

This site is really interesting, as it focuses on Garbos silent- movies. Many rare pics.

Ok site

A wonderful NEW site, with information about "A lone star"

Great site with pics, information, links and more.

Great collection of links to everything Garbo- related

Lotsa photos

Another good site. Loadsa photos and facts.

Alexandras small but neat Garbo page. Quite new.

Small site with a really cool design