>> There was great excitement when Mercedes DeAcostas sealed letteres to Greta Garbo was opened in Philadelphia in 1999. Had the two women ever been romantically involved, or was the rumour based on empty words???
The letters were merely friendly. But words as "I love you" were never mentioned. The speculations about Mercedes and Greta are still being discussed. Let's look at their history:

Greta Garbo met Mercedes DeAcosta in 1931, when she was filming "Susan lennox". Mercedes was a screenwriter and poet, and also obsessed with Garbo, and with meeting her. Mercedes was thrilled when she and Garbo got on really well. Mercedes fell madly in love with Garbo, and there is no doubt Garbo knew this. The question is if Garbo felt the same way!!!

There is enough evidence to prove that Garbo had feelings for Mercedes. She took her to Stockholm, where she showed her her childhood home. A very rare treat indeed. She also took her tramping in the mountains. Mercedes later wrote in her biography (Here lies the heart) that the days in the mountains with Garbo was the happiest of her life.

The most concrete proof of their romance, is however a letter from Anita Loos to Cecil Beaton, written in 1932:
"The Garbo- Mercedes business has been too amazing. They had terrific battles, and Garbo left without saying goodye. Then Mercedes flew to NY too see her, and Garbo wouldn't. Mercedes flew back despondent- lost her job with MGM and is in the most awful state"
If there ever was a romance, it is hard to set dates to when it started and ended. Garbo never commented on their relationship in public, and, allthough Mercedes might have wanted to comment on it, she was too smart to do it. She knew that Garbo dumped the friends that talked about her to the press.
Still Mercedes was one of Garbo's most loyal friends. She stood by her, and seemed       desperate for news about Garbo until her death in 1968. Garbo was the great love of Mercedes' life.
Garbo hurt Mercedes many times. She met her friends when it suited her, and generally got things her way. Mercedes hurt Garbo once, when she published her autobiography. Garbo never forgeve her, allthough the book hardly got any attention, and Mercedes had treated the Garbo concearns with descretion.
The Verdict: There is reason to belive that the two ladies had a romance
*source: Loving Garbo by Hugo Vickers